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Cleanings & Prevention

A smile speaks volumes. Keeping the smile healthy and beautiful can take consistent care from a certified dental practitioner. Katie Lawson, RDH, and Karen Christie, RDH, are our team members dedicated to keeping smiles looking their best. 

Dr. Leo Shin and his team offer comprehensive examinations and thorough cleanings in Newport Beach, treating families and loved ones in our local community. Call our practice to schedule your visit today. 

Helping Smiles Stay Healthy Across Newport Beach

Teeth are resilient, able to withstand years of chewing into tough foods. However, in order to maintain their strength, teeth need limited exposure to bacteria and plaque buildup. 

If left unaddressed, plaque hardens to tartar and eventually leads to complex issues, like periodontal disease and decay. Visiting the dentist for routine hygiene and examination appointments can help fight common dental issues and prevent complications before they cause permanent damage.

Katie and Karen are expert hygienists trained in the latest methods of hygiene maintenance. They approach each patient gently, ensuring a calm and warm experience during every visit to our office. We take our time when conducting cleanings. We educate patients on at-home technique to keep their smile healthy and details that involve their oral health. We believe keeping patients informed can only strengthen their resolve to protect and preserve their smile.

Enhanced Service, Reliable Treatment Plans

Using state-of-the-art dental technology, we evaluate our patient’s entire smile, analyzing it from all angles and perspectives. We use this information to develop treatments unique to each patient, tailoring our plan specific to their needs.

If examinations reveal that teeth look lackluster or show susceptibility to decay, we offer several options and preventive measures to ensure teeth are healthy enough to last a lifetime. 

Sealants rest over tooth enamel and protect it against harmful food debris and bacteria that can soon cause complications. This procedure is recommended for young children, but works for everyone from toddlers to active seniors. 

Additionally, we offer fluoride treatment at every routine visit to our office. Fluoride is the active ingredient during the natural remineralization process that strengthens enamel. Fluoride treatment is a proactive measure against decay to improve oral health and prevent issues like cavities and advance decay.

Keep Your Smile Healthy with Dr. Shin and His Team!

Dr. Shin and his team are dedicated to your smile. We share our passion for helping others with each and every member of our Newport Beach community. Call us to schedule your next visit to our practice for your routine hygiene treatment today! The office of Dr. Shin is conveniently located on Avocado Ave.


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