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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Newport Beach, CA

Root canal therapy causes many to feel anxious. At the office of Dr. Leo Shin, we make every effort to ensure patients are comfortable during treatment.

If you are looking for a dental team that can keep you comfortable during root canal therapy, contact our office in Newport Beach today! We are eager to help you reach your best oral health.

Who Needs A Root Canal Therapy?

Underneath your tooth’s enamel is the pulp, which is made up blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. When decay infects the pulp, root canal therapy removes the diseased tissue and saves a tooth from extraction.

When the pulp becomes compromised, patients show experience inflammation, bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing, constant toothache, and sensitivity to temperatures.

Dr. Shin and his team are diligent in providing conservative dental care, offering their best efforts to keep your smile as natural as possible. Root canal therapy is essential for preserving natural teeth and keep your smile as healthy as it is beautiful.

Treatment for Toothaches in Newport Beach

During the diagnosis, patients can ask questions or voice concerns, so our dentist has the chance to soothe your worries and provide you answers.

Root canal therapy involves gathering high-detailed digital X-rays of your teeth and creating a blueprint for the prosthetic. We then have a crown made specific to your smile, both color-matched and polished to a life-like appearance.

At the time of treatment, one of our doctors removes the compromised dental pulp and sterilizes the tooth’s canal. We then use gutta-percha to seal the inner tooth, protecting it from future bacterial infection.

Finalizing the treatment, place a crown on top of the treated tooth to protect the natural structures and restore function. We utilize aesthetic materials when crafting your restoration, making sure you are left with a uniform smile once you leave our Newport Beach dental practice.

Contact Us!

If you have any questions about root canal therapy, ask us! At the practice of Dr. Shin, we are happy to help you and your loved ones over the anxiety associated with the root canal procedure.

Our dental team does all we can to preserve the natural smiles of those in Newport Beach and its surrounding communities. 


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